SWAGGHA stands for a revolutionary vibration in terms of music, ”Still Will Always Gather Good Hearts Around.”


Daniel Nuako, SWAGGHA originally hails from Ghana and was born in the capital of Accra. He mostly grew up in Takoradi where it was noticeable from a young age his fiery passion for music, writing music whenever and wherever possible. 


Swaggha (filtered)
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SWAGGHA has many singles published over the years which can be found across all social media platforms and music streaming services. Songs such as Generations Next and Work It Gal, to his feature with Murmur ( a renowned alternative music producer based in Moscow) on WHDB have acclamation globally receiving much radio play rotation and attention from tastemakers in Ghana.


With his new, self-engineered, album in the works, soon SWAGGHA plans to deliver categoric music, with songs that are adaptive, thematically driven whilst infusing that knowledge he terms as, 'The Tip'.


SWAGGHA intends to present an amazing compilation of songs soon this year.


Swaggha (filtered)