As a songwriter ...


I keep finding it amazing as to how unfortunately the quality, creativity and musicality in music keeps on decreasing steadily. Music is less about content and there is little to no concern in  regards to what people are listening to. This makes it close to impossible or rather very difficult to hear good authentic music, about a theme, a LISTENER can relate to, rather we are stuck on the trend that good marketing strategy sets for most of us.  

I am here to bring 'good music' back and back for good. That is what I strive to depict in every song I write or feature on. 
What you're hearing now is a mixture of many influences in my life both past and present.


Music is an art and art has diversity. Diversity is a must
- "Custom writing" songs, hooks, verses, chorus, that is what makes music interesting.

Keeping your interest is my interest


Over the years I have understood one thing, I cannot live without this thing called MUSIC. I make MUSIC and I make it good. Simple...

ENJOY listening to my bit of creation, that I could add to your world. 

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